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Often Imitated But Never Duplicated!

Current Theme ~ Old Skool ~

Gothic Babes
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This picture posting community is not just for goths, but for all those interested in the darker side of life. Anyone can post pictures. Your personal scanned, webcam, and digital images are welcome. You must read and follow the rules below before posting or commenting.

~ Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ~

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Community Rules


1--Do post lots of personal goth-inspired images, links to images & picture galleries, female and male pics, images of your artwork, your band, your room, your gothic pet, etc.
2--Do post a short intro upon joining or delurking - preferably with a pic
3--Do post, only with a pic and only once per project: goth/industrial related questions and announcements of new industrial/gothic projects, webpages, etc.
4--Do delete your own mistakes and edit/fix your own posts: broken links, red Xs, duplicate entries, etc.
5--Do check out the LiveJournal FAQ and help pages for answers to technical questions like how to post pics, use LJ-cut, edit/delete your posts, and create viewing filters.


6--Don't join or view this community if you are offended by artistic nudes or fetish images.
7--Don't view this community where not-work-safe (NWS) or not-children-safe (NCS) images are not appropriate. Don't tell others to lj-cut for nudity. By its nature, this community is NWS/NCS.
8--Don't join or view this community without permission from your parents or legal guardians if you're under 18 years old. Also, don’t post or link risqué photos if you are under 18 or of people under 18. Everyone watch your comments when kindergoths are involved!
9--Don't post entries without images - user icons, banners, and event/band posters full of text don't count as images. Also don’t post long poems, stories, rants, personal journal entries, auctions, quiz/test results, rating/stamping communities, advertisements, - or links to them - even with images!
10--Don’t post mean, rude, degrading, or insulting comments, even about you!

11--Don’t post images using image hosting services that don't allow permanent external image posting or severely limit bandwidth -– your post will be deleted if your image goes down.
12--Don’t disable or redirect comments on your posts – this is, after all, a community and any discussion should stay within the community.
13--Don’t copy/borrow/take/link/macro etc. images, artwork, or text that you don't own without owner's explicit written permission. Violators will be banned and reported to LJ Abuse (abuse@livejournal.com) without additional warning.
14--Don’t violate the LiveJournal Terms of Service or you will be banned and reported to LJ Abuse (abuse@livejournal.com). If any user is reported to be in violation of the letter or spirit of these terms, LiveJournal.com retains the right to terminate such accounts at any time without further warning.

*** Offending posts and comments will be deleted and offenders of above rules will be banned from the community.
Report broken rules to the_tatyana.

*** This may seem like a lot of rules, but most of them are just common sense. Keep in mind that this community exists to showcase your gothy/dark/industrial pics and/or artwork. The rules are not set in stone, are subject to change, and exceptions might be made on a case by case basis.

*** Themes will be posted periodically by the Community Moderators. You don't have post on theme, but are encourged to do so at least once per theme.

*** Having the community on your Friends list does not automatically make you a member. If you're not a member (and just a watcher) you're unable to post or comment, and you're missing out on the "friends only" posts.

Send questions, suggestions, and theme ideas to

"In darkness my heart was won..."

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