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Gothic dark DIARY book with picture by Victoria Frances,limited edition.

I don´t know if I can do this (at least I didn´t find it in the do´s and don´ts for this community). I am selling the limited gothic diary by Victoria Frances. Someone interested?

Never used, new, opened only to take photos (if you want more photos just send me a message I will send them to you).

This gothic-like diary has about 60-80 pages, hard black cover with photo by Victoria Frances - she is very famous because of her beautiful paintings with gothic/vampire/blood themes.

Front cover-page - as the photo shows has large picture. Back cover-page has the same picture but in smaller size.

Includes red ribbon with black roses on it - after removing the ribbon you can open the book. The ribbon is attached to the book by 4 studs on each side (4 on the front cover-page and 4 on the back cover-page). If you want more photos of this just send me a message :) The same roses as on the ribbon are on each page inside - to keep up with the design. There is also one black string-like bookmark in the book.

This book/diary is no longer in shops - it was limited edition (from what I know) do don´t miss this chance to have this beautiful diary at home !

Price: 18euros (+shipment - depends on the place you are, I am from middle Europe - cheaper for EU buyers but I shiped to US for 5euro before so it´s not that expensive as well  - still better to contact me for detailed shipment)

I ship from middle Europe. For European countried it may take up to 2 weeks for the item to arrive, for US it´s up to 1 month.

Paypal only!

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