The LiveJournal Revival community

Are you fed-up with sites like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr? Do you wish your old friends who've migrated to those sites would return to LiveJournal? The the_lj_revival community has been set up with that aim in mind, and you are invited to join it. If you are already on LiveJournal and still have a Facebook profile, and would like to see more people returning to LJ or setting up accounts here, we invite you to post a link to this community on your Facebook Timeline. If you would like to find out who is still using LiveJournal and make contact with those who are already here, you are invited to copy and paste the 'about me' questions on the profile page and post them with your answers to the community.

LiveJournal is already getting busier than it's been for many years. Let's see if we can persuade our old friends to return and bump the activity-level up a bit further!

What is the Gothic Lolita? (Part One)

One: fabrics
Gothic style clothes are more choose fabrics like lace, fishnet, pu fur, patent leather, soft suede, chiffon, silk and satins, plumage, elastic cotton, hemp, etc.
Two: accessory
The commonly used materials are metal or silver buckles, iron chain, zipper, rivet, genuine pearl, diamond etc.
Three: color
The gothic style selection is given priority to with black color, in order to give people a sense of secret, sexy and noble. The second choose red (red, dark red), dark purple color, blackish green, blove and grey and black collocation.
July 2009

California Deathrock Behind-the-Scenes Photo Shoot Video

It was hard to make this video happen because working on it was giving me the hugest spasm of shyness. Fortunately, Forrest Black and I still managed to bust it out. So now you can see behind-the-scenes footage of what our nightlife portraiture shoots look like, with companion photographs, as part of the Kickstarter for our California Deathrock book project.

Special thanks to Death Guild and Release the Bats where some of this video was shot. Much love to Margo, Satoki, Thee Gabe, Domiana, Kat, Thistle (RIP), Talia, Christian, Jenn Bats, Dave Bats, Shane Taleda, Matt Riser, Eva O, and everyone else in the contact sheets and photos and video footage.

Anyway, just push play already please :-)

Please check out the story behind our California Deathrock book Kickstarter